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Advantages of Buying 3rd Party Ink From Needham Inks

Advantages of Buying 3rd Party Ink From Needham Inks

As independent manufacturers of a wide range of alternate inks including CIJ, TIJ and Wide format, we know the needs of our customers and the frustrations many have with the original manufacturers. We've put together a list of FAQs that we sometimes get asked from new customers to assure you that switching your ink supplier is the right thing to do.

Why should I buy NEEDHAM INK TECHNOLOGIES' inks over the original manufacturer's inks?

With 60 years of heritage in the coding and marking industry and a dedicated research laboratory, ink is in our make-up. The main reasons our customers buy with us are Quality, Reliability and Price.


We manufacture all of the inks we sell ourselves, meaning we aren't forced to pay subcontractors to carry out work on our behalf.


Where necessary, our ink bottles come with a chip or RFID tag. This transmits data to your printer letting it know that you are refilling the ink or changing a cartridge. Our chips and RFID tags are identical to the OEM ensuring that you can simply install one of our inks and keep on printing.

Will the cartridge/Bottle fit in my machine?

Each ink comes in identical packaging to that supplied by the original equipment manufacturer. Our bottles and cartridges are the same size and shape as the originals to ensure each and every one will fit seamlessly into your CIJ printer.

Will the colours be THE SAME aS the original manufacturer cartridges?

YES! Our experience and history in ink making have allowed us to colour match all the colours in our range with the OEM. Our chemists have perfected the mix of inks and powders in our formulations to give vibrant, clear colours with long-lasting prints. 

Do NEEDHAM INK TECH products last as long as an original product?

Our range of inks comes with industry-standard shelf lives and we are constantly testing our inks to see how they perform over time, in some cases increasing the shelf life. We also have smaller minimum order quantities than many original manufacturers meaning you only have to buy the ink that you will actually use.


Where are your inks and make-up made?

All of our inks and make-ups are made in Britain at our manufacturing facility in Whitchurch, Shropshire, and our research and development facility is located in Newquay, Cornwall, UK.


We sell our inks to over 70 countries around the world and deal with end-users of our ink in the UK and Europe, to international distributors and manufacturers of coding and marking equipment. No matter where you are in the world we will find a solution to offer you our inks.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and as a customer, you will have direct contact with a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to assist you, with whatever you need. We are also constantly releasing knowledge articles to assist our customers.

To purchase our inks or to get our full product range:

Call: +44(0)1948 662629


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