CIJ Willett Compatible Ink

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Willett Ink Replacement

We produce a wide range of replacement Willett inks and solvents / make up for Continuous Ink Jet Printers (CIJ). The below list details our product code, the Willett original product code, ink description and bottle size.




Our replacement Willett inks and solvents have been carefully formulated to match the printer specifications, using the best quality raw materials our range is tested extensively and used globally in Willett printers.



Compatible Willett Ink Products

05301 201-0001-012 Black Ink Willett 201-0001-012 Black MEK Improved adhesion on plastics 1 litre
05694 201-0001-020 Black Ink Willett 201-0001-020 Black Water Aqueous ink for porous substrates 1 litre
05695 201-0001-030 Black Ink Willett 201-0001-030 Black Water Aqueous ink for porous substrates 1 litre
05446 201-0001-085 White Ink Willett 201-0001-085 White MEK General purpose white ink 1 litre
00243 201-0001-246 Yellow Ink Willett 201-0001-246 Yellow MEK General purpose yellow ink 1 litre
05473 201-0001-261 Black Ink Willett 201-0001-261 Black MEK General purpose ink 1 litre
05500 201-0001-601 Black Ink Willett 201-0001-601 Black MEK General purpose ink 1 litre
00264 201-0001-602 Black Ink Willett 201-0001-602 Black MEK General purpose ink 1 litre
05487 201-0001-630 Black Ink Willett 201-0001-630 Black MEK Polycoding ink 1 litre
00300 201-0001-643 White Ink Willett 201-0001-643 White MEK General purpose white ink 1 litre
00301 201-0001-646 Yellow Ink Willett 201-0001-646 Yellow MEK General purpose yellow ink 1 litre
05511 201-0001-681 Black Ink Willett 201-0001-681 Black MEK Wet bottle coding ink 1 litre
05639 201-0001-681 Black Ink Willett 201-0001-681 Black MEK Glass ink 1 litre
05701 201-0001-801 Black Ink Willett 201-0001-801 Black MEK General purpose black ink 1 litre
00446 201-0001-803 Black Ink Willett 201-0001-803 Black Acetate Acetate ink 1 litre
00450 201-0001-806 Black Ink Willett 201-0001-806 Black Ethanol Ethanol ink 1 litre
00452 201-0001-808 Blue Ink Willett 201-0001-808 Blue MEK General purpose blue ink 1 litre
00455 201-0001-809 Red Ink Willett 201-0001-809 Red MEK General purpose red ink 1 litre
00457 201-0001-810 Green Ink Willett 201-0001-810 Green MEK General purpose green ink 1 litre
05702 201-0001-814 Yellow Ink Willett 201-0001-814 Yellow MEK Pigmented yellow ink 1 litre
00319 201-CJ01-033 Blue Ink Willett 201-CJ01-033 Blue MEK General purpose blue ink 1 litre
05647 201-CJ01-680 Black Ink Willett 201-CJ01-680 Black Acetone/Ethanol General purpose, MEK free ink 1 litre
Make Up
00400 201-0001-252 Make-up Willett 201-0001-252 Clear MEK Make-Up 1 litre
05648 201-0001-401 Black Make-up Willett 201-0001-401 Black MEK Make-Up 1 litre
05655 201-0001-480 Make-up Willett 201-0001-480 Clear Acetone Make-Up 1 litre
05657 201-0001-701 Black Make-up Willett 201-0001-701 Black MEK Make-Up 1 litre
00432 201-0001-703 Black Make-up Willett 201-0001-730 Black MEK Make-Up 1 litre
05658 201-0001-262 Cleaner Willett 201-0001-262 Clear MEK MEK Cleaner 1 litre
05659 201-0001-702 Cleaner Willett 201-0001-702 Clear MEK MEK Cleaner 1 litre
05668 201-0001-780 Cleaner Willett 201-0001-780 Clear Acetone MEK Cleaner 1 litre
05726 201-0001-802 Cleaner Willett 201-0001-802 Clear MEK Cleaner/Flush 1 litre
00460 201-0001-804 Cleaner Willett 201-0001-804 Clear Ethyl Acetate Cleaner/Flush 1 litre
00462 201-0001-807 Cleaner Willett 201-0001-807 Clear Ethanol Cleaner/Flush 1 litre
05669 V0001-783 Cleaner Willett V0001-783 Clear MEK MEK Cleaner 1 litre


Needham Quality

Each of our inks is rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality product. Our team of chemists, based in our research labs at Whitchurch (UK), ensures that each ink that comes out of our factory can deliver excellent colour accuracy and reliability.

With over 59 years of ink development and manufacturing experience, Needham Inks provides a broad range of inks to a distributor network in over 73 countries.  Over the decades we have maintained a successful track record of continuous growth and innovation. As a family-led business, our key focus is to create valuable, long-lasting relationships with our clients, and provide you with the means to grow your business.


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Our N-SERIES CIJ Printers are designed to apply identification marks such as best before dates, traceability codes, logos and batch codes to almost any kind of material and are perfect for printing on curved and flat surfaces at high speed.

With exceptional reliability, the N-SERIES range benefit from a comprehensive warranty and are used in a wide range of industries including cosmetics, food and beverage, electronic components, automotive, personal care, pharmaceutical, health care, extrusion, cable & wire, building materials and many other industrial sectors.



Become a Distributor

At Needham Ink Technologies we believe in establishing and nurturing long-term distributor partnerships. We are constantly looking to appoint trusted, experienced distributors with in-depth technical expertise and broad knowledge of their local market. Most importantly, however, we are looking for partners who want to grow their business as much as we want to grow ours.

Our distributor network can take advantage of:

  • Competitive product prices
  • Access to the latest innovations in ink technologies
  • Technical, sales and marketing support
  • Competitive advantage in your local market

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