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CIJ Linx Compatible Ink

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We stock and manufacture a wide range of OEM compatible Linx inks (CIJ) and solvents / make up. You will find a short list below detailing our product code, the Linx original product code, ink description and bottle size for your convenience (Surefill codes can also be produced upon request).


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Needham Quality

Each of our inks is rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality product. Our team of chemists, based in our research labs at Whitchurch (UK), ensures that each ink that comes out of our factory can deliver excellent colour accuracy and reliability.

With over 59 years of ink development and manufacturing experience, Needham Inks provides a broad range of inks to a distributor network in over 73 countries.  Over the decades we have maintained a successful track record of continuous growth and innovation. As a family-led business, our key focus is to create valuable, long-lasting relationships with our clients, and provide you with the means to grow your business.


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Need to order in bulk? No problem


In addition to our standard cartridge sizes listed below, we can ship our inks and consumables in larger quantities and containers.


5 Litres

25 Litres Bottle
200 Litres Drum
1000 Litres IBC


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Compatible Linx Ink Products

05798 1009 Black Ink Linx 1009 Black MEK Pigmented black ink 500 ml
05666 1010 Black Ink Linx 1010 Black MEK Autoclave resistant ink 500 ml
05947 1014 Black Ink Linx 1014 Black MEK Better adhesion on plastics 500 ml
02095 1033 Blue (pigment) Ink Linx 1033 Blue (pigment) MEK Pigmented blue ink 500 ml
04799 1034 Black Ink Linx 1034 Black MEK Excellent adhesion on plastics and glass 500 ml
05859 1039 Yellow Ink Linx 1039 Yellow MEK General purpose yellow ink 500 ml
04800 1058 Black Ink Linx 1058 Black MEK Wet bottle coding ink 500 ml
01108 1059 White (pigment) ink Linx 1059 White (pigment) MEK General purpose white ink 500 ml
01508 1065 Black Ink Linx 1065 Black MEK Dry Glass Coding 500 ml
02099 1075 Black Ink Linx 1075 Black MEK Alcohol resistant ink 500 ml
02100 1121 UV Ink Linx 1121 UV MEK UV readable 500 ml
05504 1240 Black Ink Linx 1240 Black MEK General purpose ink 500 ml
06326 1243 Blue Ink Linx 1243 Blue MEK General Purpose blue ink 500 ml
00132 1290 Thermochromic Ink Linx 1290 Black-Blue MEK Thermochromic ink, colour change black - blue 500 ml
04801 1305 White (pigment) Ink Linx 1305 White (pigment) MEK Good adhesion on PE/PP 500 ml
02101 1306 White Ink Linx 1306 White MEK Brilliant White 500 ml
02117 1310 Grey Ink Linx 1310 Grey MEK High opacity grey ink 500 ml
02119 1405 Black Ink Linx 1405 Black Acetone Ultra-fast dry ink 500 ml
06221 2039 Yellow Ink Linx 2039 Yellow MEK High density yellow ink 500 ml
05678 3103 Black Ink Linx 3103 Black Acetone/ethanol General purpose, MEK free ink 500 ml
04802 3123 Blue Ink Linx 3123 Blue Acetone/ethanol General purpose, MEK free ink 500 ml
02120 3124 Green Ink Linx 3124 Green Acetone/ethanol General purpose, MEK free ink 500 ml
02125 6100 Red Ink Linx 6100 Red Ethanol Food grade red ink 500 ml
02174 6120 Blue Ink Linx 6120 Blue Ethanol Food grade blue ink 500 ml
02218 9100 Thermochromic Ink Linx 9100 Thermochromic MEK Black-Red thermochromic ink 500 ml
02220 9200 Thermochromic Ink Linx 9200 Thermochromic MEk Black-Blue thermochromic ink 500 ml
05436 1505 Make-up Linx 1505 Clear MEK Make-Up 500 ml
05472 1512 Green Make-up Linx 1512 Green MEK Make-Up 500 ml
02225 1540 Make-up Linx 1540 Clear MEK Make-Up 500 ml
02240 1555 Make-up Linx 1555 Clear MEK Make-Up 500 ml
02258 1558 Make-up Linx 1558 Clear MEK Make-Up 500 ml
05680 1565 Make-up Linx 1565 Clear MEK Make-Up 500 ml
02264 1575 Make-up Linx 1575 Clear MEK Make-Up 500 ml
02272 1590 Make-up Linx 1590 Clear MEK Make-Up 500 ml
02275 1605 Make-up Linx 1605 Clear MEK Make-Up 500 ml
02328 1605 Make-up Linx 1605 Clear MEK Make-Up 500 ml
01650 1705 Make-up Linx 1705 Clear MEK Make-Up 500 ml
05656 3501 Make-up Linx 3501 Clear Acetone Acetone/ethanol Make-up 500 ml
02362 9105 Make-up Linx 9105 Clear MEK Make-Up 500 ml

Become a Distributor

At Needham Ink Technologies we believe in establishing and nurturing long-term distributor partnerships. We are constantly looking to appoint trusted, experienced distributors with in-depth technical expertise and broad knowledge of their local market. Most importantly, however, we are looking for partners who want to grow their business as much as we want to grow ours.

Our distributor network can take advantage of:

  • Competitive product prices
  • Access to the latest innovations in ink technologies
  • Technical, sales and marketing support
  • Competitive advantage in your local market

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