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How does Inkjet Technology Support the Automotive Industry?

How does Inkjet Technology Support the Automotive Industry?

Automotive manufacturers require reliable traceability and identification for the parts they use and sell, as well as tools. One great option for manufacturers is inkjet printing. This blog explores how inkjet technology is utilised within the car industry.

07 08 2021 (2)Printing onto components in the automotive industry


When manufacturing vehicles, thousands of individual components need to be coded a specific part number for traceability. This ensures that the vehicle manufacturer is able to identify and deal with the consequences of defective parts, in order to identify which part of the workflow is problematic. Needham Ink Technologies supply reliable and powerful coding printers which can integrate with ease into the most fast-paced and demanding production lines.

In addition, the need for durable, clear and accurate codes is a given, whether for monitoring components through the assembly process, for stock control, anti-counterfeiting, or to meet customer expectations.


Examples of Automotive coding Applications

  • 07 08 2021 (3)

    Scannable Anti-Counterfeiting Barcodes
  • Part's with curved surfaces such as Mufflers and Aluminium Wheels
  • Electronic Components
  • Packaging for Parts
  • Tyre Marking 
  • Pipes and Hoses

Which Inkjet Technology is best?


Aside from vehicle components, the automotive industry often requires coding and marking solutions for other materials such as cardboard boxes for component packaging. These outer cases usually require text and graphics which are easy to see. CIJ Printers, such as our N-Series machines, provide high-resolution printing and are easy to set up and adjust, offering a cost-effective alternative to pre-printed boxes or labels.

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) is arguably the most cost-effective choice for automotive marking and coding. CIJ printers can print on almost any substrate. A wide range of inks is available to use with CIJ printers including coloured inks to ensure legibility on any colour substrate, UV-readable inks for anti-counterfeiting or water-removable inks for internal traceability, adding yet another dimension to the coding process.


How can Needham Ink Tech Help?

Our range of CIJ printers offer easy integration onto your existing lines, the setup of codes is intuitive, and our team of expert engineers are on hand to have you ready to go in no time at all. Support for a full range of code formats including text, variable dates, and quality graphics and logos, maximises the coding options for manufacturers who need to meet traceability requirements.


Our Range of CIJ Printers


Not only do we provide the machines which enable you to print, but we also have decades of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality inks and consumables to keep you going indefinitely, with a wide range of inks suitable for any application.


Our Range of CIJ Ink

If you'd like to learn more about our range of coding solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry, you can contact us:

Call: +44 (0)1948662629


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