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Launching Our Water-Based Thermal Inkjet Ink Range

Launching Our Water-Based Thermal Inkjet Ink Range

Water-based thermal inkjet inks are an increasingly popular option due to their environmental friendliness and their application versatility. The TIJ water-based inks are specially designed for the highest-quality marks, with strong adhesion, capable of printing onto surfaces of absorbent materials like wood, cardboard and outer boxes.


What is Water-Based Thermal inkjet Ink? 

Water-based inks are defined as inks that use water as the main solvent for carrying pigment. These inks are made from water, meaning they are completely solvent free. Water-based inks use water as a medium to bring pigments (colours) into the substrate. These inks still have a quick drying time during the production process. Due to the low chemical risk associated with water-based inkjet inks, this inkjet ink technology is well suited for primary and secondary packaging applications, including food packaging production.

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Advantages of water-based inkjet inks

Aqueous, water-based inks are particularly useful for printing onto non-porous surfaces and those which may come into contact with items for human consumption. They are also much kinder to the environment and equipment:

  • Cost Effective: Aqueous inks use a carrier comprising water and organic co-solvents, which are low-cost compounds. Thus, water-based thermal inkjet ink can deliver attractive economic benefits.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Water-based ink formulations are kinder and limit safety risks for operators as well as end users, and for printing on food packaging. Products printed using these inks can also be widely recycled.
  • Long Decap Times: Water-based TIJ inks allow for longer decap times giving flexibility for your production.
  • High Colour Intensities: The marks printed are clearly visible and the colours stay bright.
  • Resistance to High and Low Temperatures: Our inks have been designed to maintain high standards of print quality in the harshest environments.
  • High Adhesion: All the inks in our water-based TIJ range have high stability adhesion.
  • Versatile: Aqueous inks are versatile, meaning they can deliver high-quality prints for a range of applications. This includes porous substrates, such as papers, corrugated boards, and cardboard.
  • Resistance to Chemical Corrosion: These water-based TIJ inks are able to withstand chemical solvents like alcohol, ensuring the mark is clear, legible and permanent.


Applications for water-based inkjet inks

Water-based TIJ inks are particularly useful for printing onto various substrates within a range of industries
. Here are a few:

  • Cardboard Packaging: Water-based inks eliminate the risk of toxic compounds migrating through packaging to what is inside - this is particularly important for food packaging. 

  • Non-Porous Surfaces: Water-based TIJ inks are particularly useful for printing onto non-porous, high density substrates such as plastic flexible film packaging.

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How can needham ink tech help?

We are able to develop and manufacture a wide range of OEM compatible inks, with 60 years of experience in the research, design and manufacture of high quality, British-made ink products. We can guarantee that our OEM compatible solutions will save you money without any cost to quality.

In need of something a bit more bespoke? Not a problem! Our in-house team of chemists are able to research and develop wide format inkjet inks specific to your requirements.

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