Eco Solvent Inks

Cost-effective and better for the environment, our Eco Solvent Inks are available for a variety of OEM printer models. Eco-solvent inks offer a milder alternative to the more hazardous standard solvent inks and are perfect for enclosed workspaces that are not adequately ventilated.

The Needham compatible solvent inks are formulated to work with OEM wide-format printers such as:

  • Epson
  • Mimaki
  • Mutoh
  • Roland
  • Seiko


  • Eco-solvent inks offer significant cost savings in comparison to OEM inks.
  • The wide colour gamut of the inks results in excellent reproduction accuracy.
  • The inks are formulated to work in a fast-paced environment with quick drying time.
  • The eco-solvent inks are a fantastic option for outdoor signage, such as billboards and vehicle wraps.
  • Eco-solvent ink is exceptionally durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Best suited for printing companies that do not have a working environment that is adequately ventilated.


Needham Inks are developed and manufactured in Whitchurch, Shropshire (UK). Our team of chemists ensure that each of our ink products is of the highest standard. We aim to deliver a product that meets or surpasses the quality and performance of OEM inks. With decades of ink development and manufacturing experience, and products sold in 73 countries worldwide, we aim to build a long-lasting and valuable relationship with each of our clients.


If you require eco-solvent ink that we currently do not stock, feel free to check with us whether we can manufacture your required ink. We are regularly commissioned to develop specialist ink formulations for a variety of applications. Our team of chemists have decades of experience in developing and manufacturing ink for a multitude of printers. We aim to meet the highest quality standards for each of our products. The exhaustive testing process at our Whitchurch research labs guarantees the ink’s print quality, colour accuracy, and reliability, while also ensuring to deliver at a competitive price point.

We work closely with our distributors to develop a cost-effective and eco-friendly Eco Solvent Ink. We continuously aim to expand our range of eco-solvents, working closely with customers worldwide to develop and manufacture innovative products. If you have any requirements for our Eco Solvent ink offerings, please feel free to contact us your questions.


White Label Services

We give you the choice to white-label our Eco Solvent inks with your own personal branding or use the original bottles, the choice is yours.

Bespoke Formulations

If you have a specific requirement for our current Eco Solvent Ink formulation, we would gladly discuss your requirements.