Aqueous Inks

The Needham water-based pigmented inks (Aqueous Inks) are specifically formulated to be compatible with Epson, Mimaki, Roland & more. With excellent colour vibrancy, adhesion and scratch-resistance, the environmentally friendly aqueous inks perform superbly at a fraction of OEM ink costs.


In contrast to solvent and eco-solvent inks, the water-based formulation of aqueous inks provides a solution that is environmentally friendly. Additionally, aqueous inks do not use harmful solvents and are typically VOC free, so do not require your printing space to be fitted with a special ventilation system.

With outstanding colour accuracy, our aqueous inks are odour-free, scratch and alcohol resistant.


As a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to solvents, aqueous inks have gained popularity over the past few years within the wide-format printing space.  The inks are formulated to print using a wide colour gamut for outstanding colour vibrancy. However, it is worth noting that porous substrates, such as paper or cardboard, are best suited for the water-based formulation of the ink. The ink needs to be able to absorb into the print surface to create a long-lasting, durable result. While other materials, such as plastic, can be printed on with aqueous ink, it does require an initial coating layer to be added to the printing surface.

Aqueous ink is mostly used for indoor applications. The lack of harmful solvents means that the printed product is not dangerous to individuals. It is therefore used widely in customer-focused businesses such as restaurants or retail stores.

An additional reason for using aqueous inks indoors is that the inks retain their colour best when not heavily exposed to UV light.


Each of our aqueous inks is rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality product. Our team of chemists, based in our research labs at Whitchurch (UK), ensures that each ink that comes out of our factory can deliver excellent colour accuracy and reliability.

With over 54 years of ink development and manufacturing experience, Needham Inks provides a broad range of inks to a distributor network in over 73 countries.  Over the decades we have maintained a successful track record of continuous growth and innovation. As a family led business, our key focus is to create valuable, long-lasting relationships with our clients, and provide you with the means to grow your business.

Our Aqueous ink is a special formulation which is tested and developed with our distributors continually. If you have a specific requirement for an ink not currently shown on our website, please contact us to find out more information.


White Label Services

If you want to customise our Aqueous Ink bottles, we are happy to white-label bottles with your branding or it can be supplied in original bottles.

Bespoke Formulations

If you have a specific Aqueous Ink formulation which is not currently shown on our site, our laboratories are happy to discuss your requirements to meet your needs.