Compatible Wide-Format Inks

Wide-format printing is one of the most popular printing methods used in industry today. In fact, in your everyday life, you will encounter numerous products that are printed using wide-format inks, such as outdoor signs, vehicle advertising, shop displays and more.

Wide-format inks have many advantages over other types of inks, including quick drying time, durability, waterproof and UV protection. Most notably, wide-format ink consumption is extremely cost-effective, which is why they are extensively used for different applications.


We provide large volume compatible eco-solvent, aqueous, latex, solvent and UV wide-format inks for most printers. See the pages below for more details:


At Needham Inks, we offer a selection of wide-format inks that are compatible with OEM printers including Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, Seiko and others. Our team of chemists spend countless hours to ensure that each ink is developed and manufactured to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver inks that meet or exceed OEM ink quality while offering significant financial savings to our customers.

Our range of wide-format inks can is split into three categories, which are as follows:

Solvent ink

As the most popular wide-format ink type, solvent-based inks can be applied to a broad range of surfaces. Solvent inks are especially suitable for outdoor printing, as the formulation of the ink is durable, waterproof, scratch-resistant and UV resistant, without the need for additional protective layers. With a wide colour gamut, the Needham Solvent Inks can produce vibrant and accurate printing results, which is on par with OEM inks.

The major downside to solvent inks are the harmful effect it has on the environment and the risk of exposure to hazardous fumes. Printing companies using solvent inks require adequate ventilation to avoid such problems.

Eco-Solvent Ink

Over the past few years, eco-solvent inks have gained popularity. They are similar to standard solvent inks but contain less of the harmful solvents. Therefore, eco-solvent inks are considered as “milder” or “eco-friendly” version of standard solvent inks.

Eco-solvent inks are used for numerous applications, both indoor and outdoor. It is best suited for printing companies that do not have sufficient ventilated working space.

Aqueous Ink

Aqueous inks are water-based inks that are widely used in the printing industry. The inks do not contain any harmful chemicals, which makes them the ideal choice for indoor printing in places such as restaurants or shops. The inks can be used with multiple applications, however, for best results, most printers will use aqueous inks with either paper or cardboard.


Needham Inks have a long history of developing and manufacturing inks for a variety of industries and applications. Our customers know they can trust us to deliver the highest quality ink at a competitive price, on time and in bulk quantities.

As a family led business, we are committed to environmental sustainability.

In 2014 we installed 280 solar panels on the roof of our factory in Whitchurch (UK), allowing us to generate the electricity we need to run our factory.


We specialise working with our distributors to develop and test new Wide-Format ink formulations. Any requirements for one of our inks that is not currently on our website, our team of chemists would be pleased to discuss your inquiry.


White Label Services

Why not personalise our Compatible Wide-Format Inks with your branding and information, or choose the original bottles.

Bespoke Formulations

We strive to continuously meet your requirements; our laboratories are willing to discuss your request if you need to customise our current Compatible Wide-Format inks formulation.