Compatible Trident Inks (Hi-Res)

We develop a range of drop-in-replacement high resolution inks for Trident® printheads. Trident, part of ITW, are known for their high resolution printheads and are by numerous businesses.

To reduce your ongoing expenditure on fluids, yet achieve quality results, our range of compatible Trident inks can achieve crisp characters and high quality codes, whilst saving you time and money.


Our replacement Hi-Res Trident inks produce clear, crisp graphics, enhancing code and character appearance. All replacement inks have been manufactured using quality raw materials and tested in Trident printheads so you can be confident of compatibility.

Established in 1962, we are depended upon by a great many of companies around the world. Feel free to contact us on +44 1948 662629 today to find out more.


Our research and development facilities based in the UK work diligently to continually expand our range. We are happy to work alongside distributors to make changes to existing compatible Trident ink formulations, or create new fluids to meet specific requirements.

We constantly strive to expand our rang of inks and solvents, our team of chemists would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements if you need a customised formulation of our Trident Ink offerings. We work closely with our customers globally to develop and manufacture innovative products.


White Label Services

Our compatible Trident ink is distributed to customers using our bottles and labels. We do provide the option to package and brand the ink and solvent bottles with your company’s branding.

Bespoke Formulations

If you have a specific Trident Ink formulation which is not currently advertised on our site, we would be welcome to discuss your requirements.