Stencilling Inks

We manufacture a range of standard stencilling inks, which are suitable for stencilling onto most substrates. We manufacture both dye-based and pigmented inks, all of which are weather and waterproof. These are suitable for marking up everything from wooden pallets to metal drums.

Uniquely, we have developed a range of specialised stencilling inks, allowing you to stencil onto almost any surface. These include non-hazardous, water-based inks, inks offering enhanced adhesion on plastics, and ultra-fast drying inks. All of these are available in a range of colours.

All our stencilling inks are designed for use with either a roller and ink pad, our mohair heads, or more specialised tools such as a fountain brush.

Please find below a list of our most popular products available in various colours, with our product reference in brackets.


Water Based Inks

  • Endorsing inks (FSE inks)
  • Water based stencilling ink that dries water proof (GC inks)

Solvent Based Inks

  • Very fast drying stencilling or stamping inks (FTP inks)
  • Spirit based stamping ink (GS inks)
  • Low cost stencil ink for indoor application (GST inks)
  • General purpose stencilling inks for most outdoor applications (SP and OS inks)
  • Stencilling ink with excellent adhesion on plastic substrates (PO)
  • Metal marking ink, however with excellent adhesion on most non-porous substrates (RNM)
  • Cleaners for the stencilling inks (Britink cleaner / Solvent type D)