Stencil Equipment

We supply a full range of stencilling equipment, some of which we manufacture ourselves, some of which we distribute from other manufacturers.


The most common method of stencilling is using a foam roller and an ink pad. Our rollers are available in three different sizes depending on how large a stencil you are using, and are made from neoprene, ensuring they give uniform ink coverage.

Roller Pads

Designed for use with ink rollers, our ink pads are supplied with a latex foam insert, which keeps the ink locked away when not in use. The inserts can be easily replaced and can be purchased separately.

Stencil Set

Our Britink Stencil Set consists of a stencil mat, a mohair head and a plastic handle. These stencil sets are ideal when you have to stencil onto an uneven surface, or if you are working with particularly thick stencils.

Fountain Brush

Based on the design of the fountain roller, the fountain brush stores the ink inside the handle, thereby minimising exposure to the ink.

Fountain Roller

The fountain roller is designed with a self-contained ink reservoir inside the handle. The refillable reservoir holds 125ml of ink. A precision valve delivers the ink directly to the surface of the roller with the press of a button. This means the ink is locked away and minimises mess.


If you don’t have your own stencil cutting machine then we can supply customer made stencils, fabricated from either oilboard or from metal.

Other Stencil Equipment Products

We also supply:

  • Oilboard
  • Interlocking Stencils
  • Stencil Brushes