Toll Manufacturing

Have you developed an ink or coating that now needs to be manufactured, or do you have a shortage of capacity at your plant?

With over 20 years experience in the industry, Needham Inks are an ideal partner to manufacture inks or coatings, according to your formulation. We can also assist you with product formulation, test methods, packaging or transport with a distribution network spanning over 73 countries.

Our manufacturing facilities include:

  • Rotary and High-shear mixers
  • Heated mixing capability
  • ATEX-rated equipment enabling us to safely work with flammable and hazardous materials
  • Automatic filling machines
  • Modern QC laboratory
  • High through-put filling units for manufacturing marker pens
  • Automatic equipment for manufacturing
  • Various packaging / repackaging options available

Advantages of Toll Manufacture include:

  • Keeps your site clean
  • Releases machinery/manpower on your site
  • Avoid unnecessary investment in capital equipment
  • Experienced staff manufacturing your product


At Needham Inks we fully understand that the quality, cost, product safety and sustainability are integral elements to successful business and therefore we are committed to providing these alongside a friendly, efficient service.

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