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DOD InkOur range of DOD ink includes water-based, alcohol, MEK, acetone and alternative solvent or non-solvent-based solutions. Each ink is of course designed to meet or exceed their OEM equivalent specific characteristics, providing easy, trouble-free conversion. They are available in most common colours (blue, black, red, brown, yellow, white, pink and green) and in a variety of popular sizes; so you will find our existent product range will be fit for most DOD Printers.

The Drop On Demand inks include dye-based solutions, pigmented inks and UV fluorescent products, designed for low-res and hi-res applications and each of these inks can be supplied in bulk or in cartridges as supplied by OEM. We also manufacture a complimentary range of flush solutions. Please see our DOD Inks section for a few of our more popular fluids.

Producing Bespoke DOD Ink

Despite the wide variety of colours and sizes we have engineered to meet most DOD Printer specifications, it is not uncommon for us to find systems or more exacting requirements that our range does not currently cater for. This is why we have experienced chemists on hand to work with you and develop any new or missing ink formulations you might need. We will develop and thoroughly test new fluids for your business, so you can be confident that the developed DOD inks ensure continued print quality, uptime reliability, perfect legibility and grant higher productivity whilst of course minimising cost.

Please feel free to contact our head facilities to find out more about our ink R&D services, and how we can help you meet your needs.