Research & Development

Ink research and development is what Needham Inks has specialised in since the mid 1970s. We currently have over 3000 ink formulations, all of which have been formulated by our in house team of chemists.



Our strength is our breadth of knowledge across all types of ink technology, ranging from high tech inkjet inks and flexographic inks through to election stains and health / meat marking inks. We possess the ability to work on small one off R&D ink projects through to long term, specialist ink development projects.

Every research and development project undertaken is allocated a lead chemist and project manager to ensure projects operate efficiently and are completed within the agreed timescales.



We approach every R&D ink project with an open mind and are willing to work on a basis that best suits all parties involved. We will evaluate all aspects of the project including timescales, commercial value, complexity and use this information to agree a project scope with our customer. Most ink R&D projects are are based on one of the following approaches:

  • R&D funded by Needham Inks; with this approach we would have identified a commercial opportunity worthy of our own investment, and not ask for a contribution from the customer. On this basis we would typically agree an exclusive supply agreement with the customer for the ink developed.
  • Customer funded R&D; this is typically used when niche, specialist inks are being developed for one specific customer. In order to deploy the required internal R&D resources we would ask for an investment contribution from the customer.
  • Government funded R&D; with our wealth of ink development experience and expertise we are often approached by Government bodies to assist in DTI (Department for Trade and Industry) funded projects. Needham Inks is relied upon as the experts in ink technology and we form one part of a large consortium working on long term, technologically advanced projects.

If you have an ink development requirement, please contact us using the contact form or call us on +44 (0)1948 662629.