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Acquisition of Sauven Ink Business

Needham Inks Ltd is pleased to announce the purchase of the Sauven Marking ink business.  As of Monday 28 September 2015, Needham Inks Ltd will be responsible for supplying the following Sauven ink products: 6000 Oil Ink Cartridges. 7000 Oil Ink Cartridges. 6000 Solvent Ink Cartridges. Codaprint Cartridges. 6000 Cleaner…

Press Release – Statement

On 18 February The Needham Group issued a general Press Release via a third party SEO company concerning, inter alia, compatible inks for Continuous Inkjet Printers manufactured by Videojet Technologies. For the avoidance of doubt, The Needham Group would like to clarify that the fluids manufactured by Needham Inks Ltd,…