Mimaki Eco Solvent Inks

Friendly for the environment and practical; the Needham Eco Solvent Inks are accessible for a manifold of Mimaki Printer models. Compatible with Mimaki Printers, eco solvent inks provide a magnificent picture standard absence of a granular appearance. Needham’s eco solvent ink is perfect for Mimaki Printers by its remarkable enduring nature. The low solvent-type ink is fast dying caused by volatility of the solvent, Mimaki Printers used for outdoor or indoor projects are ideal as eco solvent inks have limited odour and excellent weatherability.

Our compatible Mimaki Eco Solvent Ink is congruous with a mixture of wide-format Mimaki Printers such as:

Mimaki JV300, JV150, JV5-13OS, JV5-16OS, JV5-32OS, JV33, JV34-260

Mimaki CJV300, CJV150

Mimaki SS21

Mimaki SWJ-320

Mimaki Eco Solvent Ink Benefits

  • Eco-solvent inks in contrast to alternative solvents have a very low VOC content.
  • Excellent quality and significant cost saving against OEM inks.
  • The eco-solvent ink is fast-drying and minimised maintenance for your printer.
  • The eco-solvent ink generates increase value in printing.
  • The eco-solvent ink prints on a variety of media.
  • The eco-solvent ink is highly durable and scratch resistance.
  • Fantastic substrate adhesion.
  • Exceptionally wide colour gamut resulting in brilliant reproduction accuracy.

Ink Quality

At The Needham Group in Whitchurch Shropshire (UK), inks are produced and constructed here at the heart of our head office. Quality is important to our team of chemist which is why we strive to surpass the standard and production of OEM inks. Our chemists make certain that every ink product is of the greatest calibre. We manufacture products to 73 countries globally, we ensure that the ink is 100% compatible, and providing you with complete trust. We abide to strict classification guidelines by our ISO 9001, ISO 140001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditation’s. Our goal is to create durable and valuable relationships with every one of our clients.

Manufacturing Bespoke Eco-Solvent Ink

We produce various eco-solvent inks, if you necessitate eco-solvent ink that we do not currently stock, please contact us as to whether we can manufacture ink you may require. Our specialist team of chemists have extensive experience in developing and producing ink for many printers including Mimaki Printers. The immense testing process at out Whitchurch research labs ensures the ink’s print quality, colour accuracy, durability and reliability, while additionally providing a competitive price point.