Compatible Mimaki Ink


Compatible SS21 Ink, ES3, BS3, BS4 and more.


Compatible Mimaki solvent pigment inks


Mimaki Compatible Latex Ink and VOC Free Pigment Inks


UV curing inks for Mimaki printers

Designed to save you money and engineered match or exceed the performance of the original ink, our range of compatible Mimaki inks are used internationally and throughout many types of Mimaki wide-format printers.

Covering a varied range of inkjet chemistry including UV cure, Solvent, Eco-sol, Aqueous, Textile and functional inks, all of our inks are manufactured in the UK using high-quality raw materials and go through strict quality control.

Transition to our range will be trouble free and there should be no need for any flushing, cleaning and profiling procedures.

Our Mimaki compatible Ink range is currently available for the following wide-format Mimaki Printers:


  • Mimaki JV5-160S
  • Mimaki JV5-320S
  • Mimaki CJV30-60
  • Mimaki CJV30-100
  • Mimaki CJV30-130
  • Mimaki CJV30-160
  • Mimaki JV33-130
  • Mimaki JV33-160
  • Mimaki JV3-75SPII
  • Mimaki JV3-30
  • Mimaki JV3-160S
  • Mimaki JV3-250SPF
  • Mimaki SS21

We believe in quality, service and price. We will only supply inks to our customers that have been thoroughly tested by our skilled in-house chemists and we work very hard to keep prices as competitive as possible without compromising product quality.

We develop close relationships with our distributors to determine their volume requirements and always offer the most competitive prices possible.

Our compatible Mimaki inks are designed to be truly “plug and play” and are formulated so they do not effect print head durability.

We work with our distributors to develop and test new replacement Mimaki inks continually, so if you have a requirement for an ink that you cannot see on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.


White Label Services

Compatible Mimaki inks can be supplied in original cartridges and we are happy to white-label bottles with your own personal branding and information.

Bespoke Formulations

Our ink laboratories are happy to make small changes to compatible Mimaki ink formulations to meet specific distributor / printer requirements.