Markers are where it all began for Needham Inks. We were one of the first companies to sell felt-tip pens in the UK. We have come a long way since then and, over the years, have developed our own range of fluids and markers, all of which are still manufactured in our factory in Whitchurch. From pens to robust metal-markers, we manufacture a marker for every type of application.


We manufacture a range of marker pens, which are designed to write on almost any surface. Our durable, permanent markers come with our fast-drying, water resistant, permanent ink that will write on almost any surface.

In addition to our standard, permanent pens, we also produce non-permanent, quick-drying, and whiteboard marker pens.


Filled with our specially formulated invisible ink, UV Security Markers are invisible to the naked eye, unless illuminated with ultra-violet light, when the writing fluoresces bright blue. This makes them ideal for applications where traceability is required without leaving a visible mark on the surface of the product.