Are you looking for Oil-Penetrating CIJ ink

We are pleased to announce our new oil-penetrating black Continuous Inkjet ink, suitable for a wide range of industries from light engineering to food applications

Needham Ink Technologies has broadened our range of products with the introduction of a new ink developed by our chemists. The new ink is an oil-penetrating black CIJ ink that is capable of meeting the challenges of coding onto oily substrates or surfaces.

Needham Ink Technologies' new oil-penetrating black ink can print efficiently through light layers of oil, grease or condensation on a wide range of materials including metals, glass, waxy surfaces and plastics. The ink is a dye MEK-based ink and offers excellent contrast, legibility and long-term code durability. 

The ink can be re-formulated to suit any CIJ printer on the market allowing our customers to take advantage of this new ink and satisfy the needs of their own customer base. Due to its good adhesion to plastic films like Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) it can be used by a range of industries, making it ideal for industrial uses or food applications. 

"With the addition of this new oil-penetrating black ink being able to meet quite a specific need in the market" explains Aaron Pawson, Product Specialist at Needham Ink Tech "Its development broadens our range of inks on offer to our customers allowing the to achieve consistent and reliable, long-lasting codes regardless of the application." 

Typical applications for the oil-penetrating CIJ ink include aerospace, automotive and light engineering where levels of grease are present as well as all types of metal and food applications onto canned foods, packaging films and flow wraps.

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