Introducing green and blue food grade ink

Introducing green and blue food grade ink
February 15, 2018 sagi

Needham Inks have expanded their food grade ink selection by introducing green and blue coloured ink to the range. The new food dye inks are compatible with all the standard makes of CIJ printer including Domino, Videojet, Markem-Imaje, Citronix, Hitachi and Linx.

For some years now, Needham Inks has produced a range of red food-grade inks designed for use in food-grade CIJ printers. These ethanol-based inks are used in the food industry where the most common use is for printing onto eggs and egg cartons. They are occasionally used where there is a requirement to print onto other food products or onto some food packaging.

Over the past few months, we have received requests for this type of ink in different colours. In response to these requests from our distributors, we have now developed green and blue versions of this ink.

Regulations require that the food-grade inks meet strict standards. To ensure that they comply, our blue and green food-grade inks are formulated entirely from materials which are approved for use in food by both the FDA and the EU. Every ingredient used in the production of these inks is an approved food additive. They are also manufactured in accordance with GMP, which ensures that they can be certified for use in the food-industry.

We have produced inks for different makes of printers, and all of these new colours have now been fully-tested and are ready for sale.

If you would like any more information or would like samples of these inks, please contact us.