Compatible Sauven Ink (CIJ)

In tandem with Sauven Marking Ltd’s closure in September 2015, the supply of their consumables was purchased and transferred to us here at Needham Inks (this includes the original cartridges, fluids and other consumables).

Parts, service, support and Sauven printer repair was transferred to our sister company, Needham Coding.

Sauven was a leading manufacturer and global supplier of the latest ink jet printers to the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial and electronics industries for in-line product coding, marking, (printing) and identification.

For more than 60 years Sauven built a world wide reputation for quality and creativity, combined with cost effectiveness and low maintenance in the design of their printers. Throughout Sauven’s history they have often shown their leading innovative qualities with successful new products.

Despite their success, Sauven Marking Ltd chose to cease trading in September 2015, transferring the continued support and service of their customers to ourselves.


We guarantee the continued supply of Sauven inks for your printer. You can be confident that we will be there for you long into the future….

You will gain the added benefit of being supported by ourselves, not only as the official supplier for these inks, but having become renowned internationally for consistent high-quality products and service whilst maintaining some of the lowest costs in the industry.

For your convenience, the Sauven Ink Jet printer range is displayed below and the Contact Coding range, followed by a quick ink request form:


Sauven 600 Sauven 6000 Sauven 6000RPlus
Sauven 500 Sauven 6000R Sauven 7000
 Sauven 700  Sauven 1000  Sauven 6000Plus


Sauven Codaprint Sauven Codamark Sauven Codapack

If you need a customised formulation of our Compatible Sauven Inks, our team of chemists would be happy to make changes to meet your requirements. We aim to expand our range of inks and for this very reason we are very happy to work closely with our distributors to develop and test new products.


White Label Services

We provide you the choice to personalise our Compatible Sauven Inks with your branding, or we supply in our original bottles and labels.

Bespoke Formulations

Our laboratories are happy to make small changes to our Compatible Sauven Ink formulation if not currently available on our site.