Compatible Zanasi Ink (CIJ)

With a wide range of systems, the Italian company Zanasi have become quite a popular source for drop-on-demand and continuous ink jet printers.

Our cost-effective range of drop on demand inks and solvents allow you to achieve excellent quality results on both porous and non-porous substrates. Designed and developed to match Zanasi system specifications, our CIJ & DOD inks will help you to lower your costs.


With rapid dry times and a host of other benefits, our replacement Zanasi inks maintain crisp characters letting you achieve high quality printed codes and graphics, consistently. Every replacement Zanasi ink has been manufactured using high quality raw materials and tested extensively with Zanasi printers, giving you 100% reliability and compatibility.

Needham Inks products are depended on by 1000’s of companies throughout the world, all of our products adhere to strict internal quality standards.


Ink Cartridge OEM Reference Colour Solvent Description Bottle Size
CJ105 Yellow Ink Zanasi 153 YELLOW Yellow MEK General purpose yellow 1 litre
CJ104 Black Ink Zanasi BLACK 111 Black MEK General purpose 1 litre

We work closely with our distributors to develop and test new replacement Zanasi Inks, if you have a specific requirement for an ink that you cannot see on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.


White Label Services

We give you the option to white-label our Compatible Zanasi Inks with your personal branding and information, or we supply with our original bottles and labels.

Bespoke Formulations

Our ink laboratories are happy to make small changes to our Compatible Zanasi Ink formulations to meet specific distributor requirements.