Compatible KBA Metronic Ink (CIJ)

To compliment your system we provide a range of compatible KBA-Metronic ink and make up, designed to meet you continuous ink jet printer’s specifications. If you use Metronic printers and would like to experience the benefits our ink and other fluid’s bring you, you will find our replacement Metronic inks produce great results and save you money.

KBA Metronic alphaJET technology is well-known within the continuous ink jet industry. Their proven systems provide a high degree of flexibility and resilience.


Each replacement Metronic ink has been developed using high quality raw materials, responsibly sourced and expertly formulated. All inks are tested extensively in Metronic printers, meaning you have complete peace-of-mind and 100% compatibility.

Our range of inks have been used globally by countless companies for a great number of years. Each fluid adheres to strict internal quality standards. Please feel free to contact us today to find out more about our range.


Ink OEM OEM Reference Colour Solvent Description Bottle Size
CJ39 Red Metronic 1006.8224 Red MEK General purpose red ink 1 litre
CJ39 Black Metronic 1006.8226 Black MEK General purpose, black 1 litre
CJ39 White Metronic 1006.8234 White (pigment) MEK White ink for PVC 1 litre
CJ39 Yellow Metronic 1006.8235 Yellow (pigment) MEK Pigmented yellow 1 litre
CJ39 White Metronic 1006.8272 White (pigment) MEK Pigmented white 1 litre


Make-Up OEM OEM Reference Colour Solvent Description Bottle Size
CJ39 Make-Up Metronic 1006.8306 Clear MEK Make-Up 1 litre


Our experienced team of chemists would be pleased to discuss the option of making alternations to our current range of Compatible KBA Metronic Ink. Specifically, we can also develop new ink formulations to meet your needs.


White Label Services

Whether you want to personalise the KBA Metronic Ink bottles with your brand and information or use the original bottles, the decision is yours.

Bespoke Formulations

To meet your specific requirements, if you need to customise our current compatible KBA Metronic ink formulation, our laboratories are willing to discuss your request.