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Compatible Linx Ink (CIJ)

We stock and manufacture a wide range of replacement Linx inks (CIJ) and solvents / make up. You will find a short list below detailing our product code, the Linx original product code, ink description and bottle size for your convenience (Surefill codes can also be produced upon request).

Our Range Of Compatible Linx Ink (CIJ)

You will find our range of compatible Linx Continuous Ink Jet Ink (CIJ) and solvents used extensively throughout 1000’s of locations internationally. They have been carefully manufactured using the highest quality raw materials and tested extensively in Linx printers to ensure 100% compatibility.

Replacement Linx Ink (CIJ) Cartridges

Ink OEM Reference Colour Solvent Description Bottle Size
CJ70 Black Linx 1009 Black MEK Pigmented black ink 500ml
CJ60 Black Ink Linx 1010 Black MEK Autoclave resistant ink 500ml
CJ90 Black Linx 1014 Black MEK Better adhesion on plastics 500ml
CJ6 Blue Ink Linx 1033 Blue (pigment) MEK Pigmented blue ink 500ml
CJ67 Black Linx 1034 Black MEK Excellent adhesion on plastics and glass 500ml
CJ6 Yellow Ink Linx 1039 Yellow MEK General purpose yellow ink 500ml
CJ54 Black Ink Linx 1058 Black MEK Wet bottle coding ink 500ml
CJ71 White Linx 1059 White (pigment) MEK General purpose white ink 500ml
CJ4B Black Ink Linx 1240 Black MEK General purpose ink 500ml
CJ120 Thermochomic Ink Linx 1290 Black-Blue MEK Thermochomic ink, colour change black – blue 500ml
CJ64 White Linx 1305 White (pigment) MEK Good adhesion on PE/PP 500ml
CJ18 Black Ink Linx 3103 Black Acetone/ethanol General purpose, MEK free ink 500ml
CJ111 Red Ink Linx 6100 Red MEK Food grade red ink 500ml

Compatible Linx Make Up

Make-Up OEM Reference Colour Solvent Description Bottle Size
CJ6 Make-Up (clear) Linx 1505 Clear MEK Make-Up 500ml
CJ4 Make-Up (green) Linx 1512 Green MEK Make-Up 500ml
CJ120 Make-Up Linx 1540 Clear MEK Make-Up 500ml
CJ3 Make-Up Linx 1555 Clear MEK Make-Up 500ml
CJ64 Make-up Linx 1605 Clear MEK Make-Up 500ml
CJ18 Make-up Linx 3501 Clear Acetone Acetone/ethanol Make-up 500ml
Surfill Codes
Surefill Code for any of the above ink or solvents


Compatible Linx inks can be supplied in original bottles and we are happy to white-label bottles with your own personal branding and information.

If preferred, we can supply inks or solvents in bulk containers for our distributors to fill into bottles themselves.

Quality And Prices

We believe in quality, service and price. That’s why all of our inks are formulated using high quality raw materials and manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards; we will only supply inks to our customers that have been thoroughly tested by our skilled in-house chemists.

We work hard to keep prices as competitive as possible without compromising product quality. We develop close relationships with our distributors to determine their volume requirements and always offer the most competitive prices possible. Our pricing is heavily affected by quantity, therefore to reduce the cost of your replacement Linx Continuous Inkjet Ink order further, you can order in bulk to receive additional discount.

Developing New replacement Linx Inks

Our ink laboratories are happy to make small changes to compatible Linx ink formulations to meet specific distributor requirements. We work with our distributors to develop and test new replacement Linx inks continually, so if you have a requirement for an ink that you cannot see on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.