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Compatible Hitachi Ink (CIJ)

We have a wide range of compatible Hitachi ink (CIJ)  and solvents / make up. You will find a comprehensive list below which details our product code, the Hitachi original product code, ink description and bottle size.

Our Range Of Replacement Hitachi Ink (CIJ)

All of our compatible Hitachi Continuous Ink Jet inks and solvents have been formulated using the best quality raw materials and tested extensively using Hitachi printers in production environments, ensuring 100% compatibility.

You will find our inks used extensively around the world and therefore available globally, however we are always on the lookout for new distributors in countries we do not currently hold a strong presence, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Compatible Hitachi Ink (CIJ)

Ink OEM OEM Reference Colour Solvent Description
CJ139 Red Ink Hitachi JP-E78 Red Ethanol Food-grade inks
CJ97 Black Ink Hitachi JP-K106 Black (pigment) MEK Pigmented black ink, good adhesion on plastics
CJ135 Black Ink Hitachi JP-K114 Black MEK Good adhesion on plastics
CJ34 Black Ink Hitachi JP-K33 Black MEK Copy resistant ink
CJ19 Black Ink Hitachi JP-K67 Black MEK/methanol General purpose ink
CJ47 Black Ink Hitachi JP-K69 Black MEK Pigmented black ink
CJ31 Black Ink Hitachi JP-K72 Black MEK Good adhesion on plastics including PE/PP
CJ129 Black Ink Hitachi JP-K84 Black MEK Retort ink for cans
CJ84 Black Ink Hitachi JP-K88 Black MEK Black ink for PE/PP packaging
CJ33 Black Ink Hitachi JP-K90 Black (pigment) MEK Pigmented black ink, good adhesion on plastics
CJ31 Red Ink Hitachi JP-R76 Red MEK General purpose red ink
CJ98 White Ink Hitachi JP-W73 White (pigment) MEK Pigmented white ink
CJ162 Yellow Hitachi JP-Y108 Yellow (pigment) MEK General purpose yellow ink
CJ29B Yellow Ink Hitachi JP-Y91 Yellow (pigment) MEK General purpose yellow ink
CJ29 Yellow Ink Hitachi JP-Y94 Yellow (pigment) MEK Yellow ink, good adhesion on plastics

Compatible Hitachi Make-Up

Make-Up OEM OEM Reference Colour Solvent Description
CJ85 Make-up Hitachi TH-18 Clear MEK Make-up
CJ19 Make-up Hitachi TH-69 Clear MEK/Methanol Make-up
CJ84 Make-up Hitachi TH-71 Clear MEK Make-up
CJ98 Make-Up Hitachi TH-73 Clear MEK Make-up
CJ130 Make-Up Hitachi TH-78 Clear Ethanol Make-up
CJ129 Make-Up Hitachi TH-84 Clear MEK Make-up
CJ162 Make-Up Hitachi TH-86 Clear Acetone Make-up
CJ31 Make-up Hitachi TH-Type A Clear MEK/Methanol Make-up
CJ34 Make-Up Hitachi TH-Type E Clear MEK Make-up

Compatible Hitachi Cleaner / Wash

Cleaner/Wash OEM OEM Reference Colour Solvent Description
CJ139 Cleaner Hitachi Ethanol wash Clear Ethanol Food grade cleaner
CJ85 Cleaner Hitachi MEK Wash Clear MEK Cleaning fluid

Replacment Hitachi Range Packaging

Our replacement Hitachi inks can be supplied in the original Hitachi ink bottles, typically we supply with our labels however we are always happy to white-label our products so as they carry your own personal labels.

If preferred, both our replacement Hitachi make-up and inks can be provided in bulk, allowing you to fill the bottles yourselves.

Quality & Prices

We find that the most important factors for our distributors are the quality and price. So you will be happy to know we only formulate our replacement Hitachi inks using the highest quality raw materials available and manufacture our products to strict internal, European and ISO 9001 quality standards; we will only supply inks to our customers that have been thoroughly tested by our skilled in-house chemists.

Needham Inks Limited works hard to keep prices as competitive as possible without compromising product quality. We develop close relationships with our distributors to determine their volume requirements and always offer the most competitive prices possible. Of course the best option for reducing price as always, is to supply the ink in bulk.

Developing new compatible Hitachi Inks

Our team of in-house chemists are happy to make changes to our Hitachi ink formulations to meet specific distributor requirements. It is also very important that we continue to expand our range of inks and we work closely with our distributors to develop and test new compatible Hitachi inks.