Compatible Citronix Ink (CIJ)

Needham Inks provide a range of compatible Citronix Ink and make up to compliment your continuous inkjet printer. You will find that our compatible inks are the ideal for your Citronix CIJ printer; matching OEM quality to provide you with superb performance, while saving you money by reducing ink costs.


Our Compatible Citronix Ink is developed by our expert chemists at our research facilities and factory, based in Whitchurch, Shropshire (UK). We place great importance on the use of responsibly sourced, premium quality raw materials in our development and manufacturing process. The Ink is thoroughly tested in our labs using Citronix printers, ensuring 100% compatibility, and providing you with complete peace-of-mind.

Our large selection of inks is used by hundreds of businesses worldwide, coordinated by our distribution network which spans over 70 countries. If you would like to talk to us about our range of compatible Citronix Ink or any of our other ink range, please feel free to contact us today.


Ink OEM OEM Reference Colour Solvent Description Cartridge Size
CJ2 Black Citronix 302-1001-002 Black MEK General purpose 750ml
CJ2 Yellow Citronix 302-1002-001 Yellow MEK Pigmented yellow ink 750ml
CJ25 Black Citronix 302-1003-001 Black MEK Plastic Ink 750ml
CJ2 Red Citronix 302-1008-003 Red MEK General purpose red ink 750ml
CJ2 Blue Citronix 302-1008-003 Blue MEK General purpose blue ink 750ml
CJ2 Green Citronix 302-1012-003 Green MEK General purpose green ink 750ml
CJ26-C Black Ink Citronix 302-1017-004 Black MEK Alcohol Resistant 750ml
CJ78 Black Citronix 302-1032-001 Black MEK PlasticPlus Ink 750ml
CJ151 Black Citronix 302-2001-001 Black Acetone Acetone ink 750ml
CJ152 Black Citronix 302-2008-001 Black Acetone/Ethanol Mixed base ink 750ml
CJ153 Red Citronix 302-4005-002 Red Ethanol Food grade red ink 750ml


Make-Up OEM OEM Reference Colour Solvent Description Cartridge Size
CJ2 Black Make-Up Citronix 300-1007-003 Black MEK Make-Up 4oz (118ml)
CJ25 Make-Up Citronix 302-1004-001 Black MEK Plastic Make-Up 750ml
CJ2 Black Make-Up Citronix 302-1006-004 Black MEK Make-Up 750ml
CJ2 Yellow Make-Up Citronix 302-1010-001 Yellow MEK Make-Up 750ml
CJ2 Red Make-Up Citronix 302-1011-002 Red MEK Make-Up 750ml
CJ2 Blue Make-Up Citronix 302-1013-003 Blue MEK Make-Up 750ml
CJ26 Make-Up Citronix 302-1016-003 Black MEK Make-Up 750ml
CJ2 Green Make-Up Citronix 302-1019-001 Green MEK Make-Up 750ml
CJ78 Make-Up Citronix 302-1033-001 Black MEK PlasticPlus Make-Up 750ml
CJ151 Make-Up Citronix 302-2003-001 Black Acetone Acetone Make-Up 750ml
CJ152 Make-Up Citronix 302-2009-001 Black Acetone/Ethanol Make-Up 750ml
CJ153 Make-Up Citronix 302-4009-001 Red Ethanol Food grade 750ml


Cleaner OEM OEM Reference Colour Solvent Description Bottle Size
CJ Solvent/Flush Citronix 300-1005-100 Clear MEK MEK Cleaner 1 Litre
Citronix Cleaner Citronix 300-1005-200 Clear MEK/Ethanol Cleaning fluid 1 litre
CJ20 Cleaner Citronix 300-2002-100 Clear Acetone Cleaning fluid 1 litre
CJ41 Cleaner Citronix 300-4007-100 Clear Ethanol Food grade cleaner 1 litre

Our team of chemists would be delighted to discuss the option of making alterations to our exiting range of Compatible Citronix Ink. Alternatively, we can also create new ink formulations to match your specific needs.


White Label Services

Whether you want to personalise the Citronix Ink bottles or use the originals, the choice is yours.

Bespoke Formulations

If you need to customise our existing compatible Citronix ink formulations, we would gladly discuss your requirements.