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Other CIJ Inks

With over 30 years’ experience of continuous inkjet inks, The Needham Group has the capability of developing and manufacturing almost any kind of CIJ ink.

OEM CIJ Ink Manufacture

As well as supplying inks compatible with a variety of printer makes and models, we also work with a number of OEMs to develop continuous ink jet inks specifically designed for use in their own equipment. Our team of chemists have a detailed knowledge of CIJ ink rheology and are willing to work with customers to develop inks specific to individual requirements.

Below you can find examples of the variety of both dye based and pigment based CIJ inks developed by The Needham Group.

Pigment Based Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Inks

Our pigmented continuous inkjet inks have exceptional stability and good adhesion on various substrates including low surface energy plastics, metals and glass. They are high quality, robust inks with good viscosity range, providing excellent drop placement accuracy and print quality through various standard nozzle sizes, including 40 micron. Some typical applications are as below:

  • General purpose inks that give optimised adhesion on various standard substrates like plastics, glass etc.
  • Specialist inks for plastic substrates, including marking cables and other flexible substrates.
  • Moisture resistant inks for glass.
  • Higher pigmented versions with brilliant opacity.
  • Inks with good adhesion on metal and plastic substrates resistant to Autoclaving with steam at greater than 1160C, for more than 60 minutes. Excellent rub resistance when wet and at higher temperature.
  • Various colour and solvent variants including MEK-free (e.g. alcohol or acetone based) are possible.

Dye Based Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Inks

  • General purpose dye-based continuous inkjet inks, tailored for different printers, suitable for general coding and marking applications on various substrates like metal, glass and plastics.
  • Dye-based, low-halogen, continuous inkjet ink for the electronics industry
  • Alkali washable, dye-based continuous inkjet ink for coding on returnable glass bottles used in soft drinks industry that can be removed by washing / spraying with standard caustic solutions.
  • Dye-based continuous inkjet ink for plastic substrates like cross-linked PE. Excellent adhesion on many other plastic substrates, glass etc. Resistant to IPA.
  • Dye-based, continuous inkjet ink, good adhesion to most common substrates. Resistant to Kerosene and similar hydrocarbons.
  • Dye-based, continuous inkjet ink, good adhesion to most common substrates and resistant to autoclaving.
  • Dye-based, continuous inkjet ink, excellent adhesion to most common substrates, particularly glass. Resistant to moisture / condensation.
  • Thermochromic CIJ inks.
  • Egg coding ink – Red, food grade.

Various colour and solvent variants including MEK-free and Nitrocellulose-free versions are available.