Continuous Ink Jet Inks (CIJ)

Continuous Ink Jet Inks (CIJ)

As a well-established UK developer and manufacturer of fluids with partners internationally, we provide a broad range of continuous ink jet inks (CIJ Ink) designed to work as drop-in-replacements for the vast majority of coding printers available on the market today. Arguably our range is the most extensive you will find and our OEM compatible CIJ inks are specifically designed to meet or exceed the performance of the ink they replace, whilst significantly lowering the cost. 100% of our CIJ inks are formulated, manufactured and extensively tested at our UK based facilities.


You will find our continuous ink jet inks with distributors in over 73 countries worldwide, we are constantly looking to further enhance and expand our network, bringing in new partners to benefit from our range. The success of our business is based on developing close relationships with our distributors to ensure we fully understand their CIJ ink requirements. In contrast to many other CIJ ink manufacturers, we try hard to work in close partnership with our distributors. We will always answer questions and queries quickly and are happy to amend inks and formulations to meet specific distributor or country requirements. We are always looking for new companies to partner with, so if you are interested in distributing our continuous inkjet inks please click here. Please note; when we appoint a distributor in a country we guarantee never to supply our distributors’ customers directly. It is far more important to us to develop a very close relationship with our distributors and we believe that this can only be achieved by being 100% honest and loyal.


Quality is crucial to our business and is arguably the primary reason for our success, this quality is apparent in both the fluids we manufacture and the service we provide to our customers and distributors. This is why each and every CIJ ink is formulated by our team of in-house chemists here in the UK and then developed, rigorously tested and manufactured.


The Needham Group supplies a wide range of inks for a variety of CIJ printer makes and models. These inks are formulated and manufactured to the highest quality standards and will meet or exceed the performance of the OEM inks that they are designed to replace. Our food grade inks are also very well known and are throughout a multitude of manufacturing facilities worldwide. You can find a full list of our continuous inkjet inks in our top menu, or you can use the shortcuts below. We also have almost every compatible and replacement product available to view via secure login into our website, please contact us if you would like more details on this.


All of our CIJ inks can be supplied in either the original bottles (exactly the same as the OEM) or can be supplied in bulk containers, such as 25 litre to 200 litre drums. We also understand that our distributors’ brand and reputation is extremely important; because of this we are happy to private label for our distributors.