The Needham Group has a wealth of experience developing, testing, manufacturing and distributing inkjet inks lasting over 30 years.

With 100% of our inkjet inks manufactured in the UK we are trusted by end users, distributors and equipment manufacturers worldwide to supply consistently high quality, reliable inkjet inks. We supply a vast range of inkjet inks, primarily focused on a few major technologies.


We manufacture compatible alternatives for almost every printer brand on the market. You can find a detailed list of our ready-to-go OEM compatible inks on the brand pages below:




Solvent based



  • Continuous ink jet (CIJ) inks; we manufacture and supply CIJ inks to a wide range of customers ranging from equipment manufacturers to third party ink distributors. We often work closely with equipment manufacturers to develop inks specifically for their CIJ equipment as well as having a full range of thirs party CIJ inks for almost all makes and models of continuous ink jet printers.
  • Drop On Demand (DOD) inks; as with CIJ inks we have a wide range of MEK based, alcohol based and water based DOD inks. We have developed inks for equipment manufacturers utilising many different printhead technologies as well as having DOD inks compatible with most makes and models of Drop On Demand printers.
  • High Resolution (Hi Res) inks; our range of high res inks can be used in well known printhead technology such as XAAR and Trident. All high resolution inks have been developed and manufactured in the UK and are distributed to equipment manufacturers and distributors worldwide.
  • Bespoke inkjet inks; with our own in-house chemists and development team we are able to research and develop inkjet inks specific to your requirements. Developing inkjet inks specific to our customers’ requirements is how our business has grown over the past 50 years. For further details please visit the R&D section of our website.