Ink-Dot Inks

Ink Dot Inks are used within the can making industry to identify which spray machine coats each can on the line; our ink dot inks are applied on the bottom of each can as it enters the spray machine. A different ink colour is used for each machine on the coating line, therefore enabling the source of unacceptable coatings be immediately identified. Our ink dot inks can be used on both aluminium and steel cans and can easily be identified by camera systems for line recognition purposes. Having developed our ink dot inks over 15 years ago we have a comprehensive range of colours used in spray gun machines worldwide.


Unlike other ink dot ink manufacturers, we have developed three types of ink dot inks which are detailed below:

  • Dye Based Ink Dot Inks; these are the most commonly used inks within the can making industry. These inks are typically used on lines where no more than 6 different colours are required; the reason for this being that dye based inks are transparent by nature, therefore colours can often be mistaken for other similar colours (for example, blue and purple can often be mistaken for each other). This can create issues when using camera / vision systems to identify different colours.
  • Pigment Based Ink Dot Inks; The Needham Group is the only producer in the world of pigment based ink dot inks. We developed these inks almost 15 years ago for use on lines where more than 6 different colours are required. Due to using a pigment base these inks are more opaque, therefore a wider range of colours can be used and easily identified by camera / vision systems. In addition, due to having a wider colour selection can manufacturers can eliminate certain colours which are often mistaken for something other than ink (for example, red is often mistaken by consumers as blood).
  • UV Ink Dot Inks; UV inks are used in applications where the customer requires an invisible ink dot, visible only when a back-light is shone on the can. We currently develop quite an extensive range of colours at different viscosities and with different properties designed to meet most applications.


Nordson is a world leader in the supply of spray gun technology for the application of ink dots. All of our ink dot inks have been manufactured in partnership with Nordson and have been used in Nordson spray gun machines worldwide for 15 years. We retain a strong partnership with Nordson and worked with them to develop ink dot inks and packaging compatible with their new ink reservoir system which eliminates sludge build up on the reservoir and makes replenishing ink fast and easy. Our purpose made bottle screws straight into the Nordson assembly and acts as the ink tank, therefore eliminating the need to pour ink into the reservoir and creating mess.