Compatible High Resolution Videojet Ink

Videojet are globally recognised when it comes to industrial printing applications, so here at Needham Inks we develop an excellent range of drop-in-replacement (compatible) high resolution Videojet ink and solvents for their range of printers; allowing you to reduce costs whilst achieving excellent quality results. So if you have chosen a Videojet printer and are looking to lower the costs of your consumables, yet maintain or improve the crisp characters and high quality codes, our replacements can save you time and money.


Our compatible High Resolution Videojet inks possess rapid dry times, improved edge acuity and produce clear, crisp graphics enhancing the appearance of codes and characters. Every replacement Videojet ink has been manufactured using the finest raw materials and tested thoroughly in Videojet printers to ensure 100% reliability and compatibility.

Our Inks are depended upon by thousands of companies worldwide, and have been for over 50 years. All of the product range adhere to strict internal quality standards.


At our UK based research and development facilities, work is continuously conducted to expand our range. Our skilled chemists relish the opportunity to develop new or make changes to existing replacement Videojet ink formulations to meet specific requirements.