Health Marking Ink

Nowadays, all meat has to be traceable from the moment it enters the food chain. A health mark is applied to fresh meat that has been produced in licensed premises in accordance with the regulations, under veterinary supervision. It is an internationally recognised symbol indicating that the meat has been inspected and passed as fit for sale for human consumption.

Our Health Marking inks are designed to be used with a suitable stamp, to permanently mark meat ensuring they can be easily identified, in accordance with EU regulations.

As they are designed to be applied directly onto the meat, the Health Marking inks are manufactured using only food-approved ingredients. This ensures these inks are suitable for human consumption.

Although these products were originally designed for use on meat, they can also be used to identify other foodstuffs, such as cheese.


Our permanent egg printing ink is manufactured in our UK-based facilities. The egg marking ink is formulated to comply with food safety standards and is applied directly onto the egg. The egg ink helps businesses worldwide to correctly labelled products and meet quality standards.



We also have products that are suitable for marking livestock. These can be supplied as liquid inks or Aerosols.



We recently launched a range of halal, water based food grade inks and now offer a range of colours.


Our spray stains are designed to permanently stain condemned meat, and other animal products, which are not destined to enter the food chain. The standard colour is black, but other colours are also available.

They are usually supplied as a liquid, ready for use, but they can also be supplied as a powder, which can be dissolved in water prior to use.