Election Ink

Our election stains produce an indelible mark on human skin. The ink is specially formulated to safely leave a permanent stain, which cannot be easily removed (for up to 7 days typically), however our inks can be developed to your requirements.

The stain will disappear, once the top layer of stained skin has been shed, but until then, it is impossible to remove through traditional methods. This makes it ideal for combating electoral fraud as it enables voters to be easily identified.

Offering excellent resistance to water, solvents & bleaching agents, our election ink remains skin friendly and safe use by children.

The election ink range can also be used within hospitals, throughout vaccination programmes and applied to a multitude of other tasks where permanent, safe and effective skin marking is required.



With a distribution network spanning over 73 countries and actively expanding, our election stains can be supplied globally in variety of colours.

Our election inks are provided in standard bottles, with or without sponges. Alternatively, we can also supply the ink in atomising spray bottles, or in marker pen products.

As a election ink manufacturer we can offer excellent cost-effective solutions to both our distributors and end-clients, with over 5 decades of experience our reputation speaks for itself. If you have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to call us on 01948 662629 to speak to one of our specialists today.