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Compatible Atlantic Zeiser Ink

Designed to meet or exceed the performance of each individual Atlantic Zeiser ink or solvent they replace, our compatible products are manufactured using superior raw materials and tested extensively in print-heads to ensure you benefit from hassle-free operation.

As a globally recognised industrial printing brand, Atlantic Zeiser boasts a wide selection of printer solutions with it’s installed base covering over 50 countries. Specialising in sophisticated serialization, personalization, customization and track & trace solutions, their printers are used throughout packaging, labelling, banknote, mailing, security and card system industries.

Here at Needham Inks we develop a range of compatible drop-in-replacements for three of Atlantic Zeiser’s main printer range, the Omega, Gamma and Delta printers. Our inks can help you to reduce the cost of these consumables whilst maintaining high quality results.

Delivering quality at a significantly lower cost

For more than five decades our international clients have depended on our products, benefiting from lower prices and consistent quality. Today all of our products adhere to strict internal quality standards, meeting ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification.

With our economical range of inks and solvents you will find you can significantly reduce your costs whilst still achieving the results you need.

Compatible Atlantic Zeiser Ink

OMEGA Printer: The OMEGA is a high-speed, high-resolution Inkjet printer that can satisfy a wide range of industrial application requirements. We have developed a range of compatible OMEGA inks & fluids for monochrome, UV and spot-colour applications.

DELTA Printer: Needham Inks compatible UV and water-based DELTA inks are perfect for this high-speed, state-of-the-art inkjet printer. The range boasts inks suitable for printing onto absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.

GAMMA Printer: Our cost-effective range of compatible GAMMA printer inks and fluids are engineered to be hassle-free, acting as a direct replacement for this narrow-format, single-pass, full-colour CMYK inkjet printer.

Printer range served:


  • OMEGA 36
  • OMEGA 36 HZ
  • OMEGA 36i
  • OMEGA 36i HZ
  • OMEGA 36HD
  • OMEGA 72
  • OMEGA 72i
  • OMEGA 72HD
  • OMEGA 144
  • OMEGA 210
  • OMEGA 70P


  • DELTA 105 UV
  • DELTA 105i UV
  • DELTA 210 UV
  • DELTA 105 WB
  • DELTA 105i WB
  • DELTA 210 WB


  • GAMMA 70 S
  • GAMMA 70 P [integrated UV LED pinning]

New Compatible Atlantic Zeiser Ink Development

At our research and development facilities, headquartered in the heart of Shropshire (UK), we work to expand our range daily, and invite our distributors to work with us so as to develop new fluids.

We are happy to accommodate changes to existing compatible Atlantic Zeiser ink formulations and meet any specifications you may have for bespoke applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a specific requirement on 01948 662629 or use our contact form.

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