As a UK based ink manufacturer we are always looking for new distributors to promote, sell and support our products worldwide. Our business model is to establish close working relationships and partnerships with our distributors so that we fully understand your requirements and market demands.

We offer a vast portfolio of inks and associated products for distribution in your country, such as; CIJ inks, DOD inks, High resolution inks, paint markers, stenciling equipment and more.

The Needham Group has expertise and experience in exporting inks worldwide; if you are interested in distributing our products in your country then please contact us, call 0044 1948 662629 or email

We look forward to your enquiry.


We work diligently to ensure our entire product line is available in your local area and carefully selecting distributors to showcase and retail Needham Inks products. Their knowledge and integrity are proven by their years of experience in the ink industry and we are delighted to have each and every one of them as our partners.

South Africa India New Zealand Pakistan
Netherlands Vietnam Egypt Romania
Morocco Ireland Russia Saudi Arabia
Poland Turkey Ukraine Dominican Republic


In addition to the above, we maintain a presence in over 73 countries, able to provide DOD, specialty and CIJ Ink globally. However we are always looking to increase our network and satisfy more of our international orders.

The below list outlines countries we are actively seeking to nurture new partnerships in:



France Italy Spain Germany
Finland Belgium Greece Czech Republic
Portugal Sweden Hungary Belarus
Austria Switzerland Bulgaria Serbia
Denmark Slovakia Norway Croatia



China Japan South Korea Indonesia
Iran Thailand United Arab Emirates Malaysia
Philippines Israel Singapore Pakistan
Bangladesh Kazakhstan Qatar Sri Lanka



United States Canada Brazil Mexico
Cuba Argentina Colombia Ecuador
Peru Chile Venezuela



Nigeria Algeria Morocco Libya
Sudan Angola Republic of the Congo Kenya
Ethiopia Tanzania Tunisia Ghana
Gabon Botswana


If you are looking to join our network and reside within one of the above countries, or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us today.