Aerosol Paints

We possess a comprehensive range of Aerosol Paints and Markers here at Needham Inks. Our primary range being Speedi-Spray detailed below, however we are always happy to extend to any bespoke requirements you may have.


The Speedi-Spray is a general-purpose spray paint, which comes in a 400ml aerosol can. It is a high quality, fast drying paint manufactured using an acrylic resin making it suitable for interior and exterior use. It provides excellent coverage and adhesion on a very wide variety of porous and non-porous surfaces and produces a quick drying, high contrast, bleed-free mark. When dry, the paint is waterproof and oil-resistant.

The Speedi-spray provides a “clean” solution for stencilling applications, eliminating the need for rollers and ink pads.



In addition to the Speedi-spray, we also have a range of line-marking aerosol paints. Designed to spray upside-down, these are typically used to mark out factory or warehouse floors, car-parks, playgrounds, construction sites and tennis courts.